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You may already know me. 

If not, I am medical scientist Clint Winters.

You may not know me directly, but you probably know and use my inventions.
I am the scientist behind the ground breaking conolidine natural pain reliever, now widely considered the biggest pain relief breakthrough in the last 100 years.

I also worked from Harvard research to patent the first ever Non Thermal FAR Infrared circulation boosting medical device.

To date, my inventions have been used by millions and my research firm is one of the most respected in the world.

But, today is NOT about those inventions or my experience.

This Groundbreaking Discovery

Makes Safe and Affordable Testosterone Support Available To Men Of All Ages

100% Legal, 1/10th The Normal Cost

  •  Immediately Access Real Testosterone Without A Prescription
  •  Use At Any Age Without Side Effects or Heart Concerns
  •  Directly Build Free Testosterone Levels From First Use
  • ​Use Testosterone Daily For 1/10 Of The Cost
Exciting, right?

... And that is why this page is at high risk of being pulled down at any moment.

Big Pharma hates every word of this information being made public - 

This information has the potential of taking BILLIONS away from expensive TRT clinics all over the world.
So, I cannot stress this enough - please read as fast as you can.  

I am introducing a newly discoverd form of testosterone that you can access safely and without a prescription.

Men, you can use it at any age, effectively, without harsh side effects. 

Plus, it is less than 10% of the cost of synthetic testosterone shots and does not require a single doctors visit.

Although, that could change at any moment. 

To be crystal clear...

What I Am Revealing Is ACTUALLY A New Form Of Real Testosterone That You Can Access Without A Prescription (For Now)

This Is Not Some Herbal Booster

However, it originates from a totally new and unknown source.

I can say this with confidence.

Men, this is the largest testosterone breakthrough since the initial discovery in the 1930's.

Frankly, as you will read, this changes everything!

Do me a favor - Ensure you at least capture this information before this page is pulled offline.

Screenshot this page if you have to...

What You Are Going To Learn TODAY Is Not Something You Cannot Readily Find Unless You Know How To Dig Through Medical Journals. 

First, let me reconfirm the power of using testosterone. 

It is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE banned substance for a good reason, it provides dramatic human benefit.

Benefits that are Unfair Advantages for many men around the US.

... Everyday I am watching it change lives

Simply Put, This New Testosterone Is Turning Aging Men Into Beasts..

Especially In The Bedroom

… And the results go WAY past me.

It is helping men JUST like you quickly regain their “prime”.

Here are just a few comments we have gotten from our private testing…

"Holy Crap This Stuff!!  It's Like I Can Feel It In My Veins. I Haven't Felt This Good In Years."

"I'm Killing It In The Gym Now, I Actually Want To Go Each Day. I Haven't Been This Excited Since I Was 25."

"I Honestly Didn't Realize I Was Low T Until I Started Using This. NOW, I Feel The Difference. My Energy and Focus Is Through The Roof And My Wife Can't Keep Me Off Of Her."

They are seeing benefits like:

  • Improved Muscle Tone
  • ​Higher Levels of Strength
  • ​Fat Loss With No Diet Changes
  • ​Improved Sleep
  • ​Improved Energy
  • ​Improved Focus
  • ​Improved Confidence
  • ​Improved Hair and Skin

... And Vastly Improved Sexual Function

Yes, testosterone is DIRECTLY connected to your ability to “perform”.  
This is why your sexual function is supercharged when you are younger (High Testosterone)

... And declines as you age (Low Testosterone).

These hormones play a dramatic role in how you feel desire.

Plus, they play a major role in how your perform when you get into a sexual situation.

Point blank...
Increasing Your Testosterone Levels Is A Total Game Sexual Changer For Any Man Over 40 Years Old. 
Don’t worry, I will explain more below.

But first, let me explain what it has done for me...

Daily Testosterone Has Changed My Life

I Feel And Look Younger By The Day

… And I NEVER Go a Day Without.

Now, I will explain everything below.

However, let me say this, being able to legally (and safely) use testosterone has been a great advantage in my life. 

As you will find out below, this invention means a ton to me personally.

I am not just some scientific spokesperson. 

I worked years to bring safe testosterone to life.
Now, I will explain everything below.

However, let me say this, being able to legally (and safely) use testosterone has been a great advantage in my life. 

As you will find out below, this invention means a ton to me personally.

I am not just some scientific spokesperson. 

I worked years to bring safe testosterone to life.
Frankly, At 41 I Have Never Felt And Looked Better, And Optimized Testosterone Has Played A Giant Role.
… And I don’t see my progress slowing down.

Remember, synthetic testosterone (TRT) has been a celebrity secret for years.

Many, many actors use it to defy age and keep their physique well into their 50s, 60s and 70s.

Captains of Industry use is it to stay sharp and dominant against younger members of their companies.

Heck, many top performing athletes have been caught using it illegally to gain an advantage.

So, one this is for sure…

Using Testosterone is The Ultimate Secret Of The Highly Performing, Rich and Elite...

It Has Been Their "Secret Weapon" For Decades

First of all, I want to ensure I am clear. 

The celebrities in this section are not endorsing any of the information on this page. 

They are examples - Examples of ELITE athletes and celebrities who has openly used testosterone to defy time and performance decline.

Let's be frank...

Testosterone use is an open secret of the elite, but not many will discuss it.

It is a huge aspect of how many at the top of their game have stayed there for years. 

In Fact, Testosterone Is Why So Many Actors And Athletes In Their 50s, 60s, And Even 70s Appear In BETTER Shape Than Most 20-Year-Olds.

They have had a secret...
This page is ALL about THAT SECRET and how YOU can take advantage as well

Ok, let's get into it. 

Remember, those in sports and entertainment are paid by how they look and perform. 

They can access and afford anything, and they choose synthetic testosterone, and they have done it for DECADES.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Known For His Mr. Olympia Physique Was One Of The First To Talk About Testosterone Use Openly. 
Back then, it was controversial, but his results plainly spoke for themselves. 

And then, of course, you have professional athletes who use it illegally to gain an advantage.

They risk everything because it works dramatically well. 

They want to be stronger… faster… and they are willing to break league rules to get that result.

... And sometimes they get caught. 

Here are a few notable cases.
Again, these men make it very clear that increasing their testosterone levels gives them a clear athletic and recovery advantage. 

Their look and results speak volumes. 

As years went on it made it into celebrity circles as A-list actors would use testosterone to boost their bodies quickly and efficiently for upcoming roles.

Testosterone worked especially well if they were over 40 and needed a FAST boost. 

Many would go on to achieve exceptional physiques and appear DECADES younger on screen due to this powerful substance.

One great example is...
Sylvestor Stallone, Who Is Known For His Muscles And Has Openly Discussed The Use Of Testosterone.
In fact, he has even had legal issues over the years when he has brought them internationally.

With that said, he is 76 and still in incredible shape.

But, it goes much deeper than him…

Most of Hollywood men are using testosterone to keep an "On Screen" advantage.
Even though testosterone use is decades old, it is still the prefereed performance enhancer because it works. 

In fact, a very notable Hollywood fitness trainer recently confirmed...
The Grand Majority Of Hollywood Superstars Have Used Testosterone To Combat Age And Make Fast Physical Improvements
You have seen this - Many A List actors increasing muscle mass and definition in the matter of weeks.

Huge transformations out of no where for important on screen roles.

Rightfully so, they are paid millions for how they fit into a role and some roles require incredible transformations. 

Well, testosterone has been their secret. 

Recently, as testosterone replacement therapy has become MORE and MORE popular and accepted, the use has evolved.

Non celebrity Aging Men are finding MORE and MORE advantages...

Now successful men in all kinds of industries are turning to testosterone.

According To An Insider Report:

Testosterone Even Powers The Performance Of Aging CEO's & Captains Of Industry

Testosterone is NO longer just in the back, dusty room of a gym. 

Testosterone use has evolved, dramatically. 

It is gone from the bodybuilding stage to the board room where top CEOs use it to fight age and stay on their game.
Many say using testosterone gives them an “edge” in business and in their private life. 

It gives them the boost of confidence they need to remain captain’s in their industry well into their later years.

They feel like they look, act and “think” younger as their male hormones are optimized.

Plus, they KEEP doing the things they love well into their older years. 
So, here is the bottom line…

Testosterone is powerful for all that use it. 

Their results are not special, they are expected.  
Testosterone Is A Very Powerful Secret Weapon For Optimized Physical And Mental Performance Well Into Your 50s, 60s And 70s

This Is Why It's A Banned Performance Enhancer

Men who use it are accessing an Unfair advantage. 

Illegal without prescription. 

... And totally banned in "tested" sports. 

Remember, TRT Testosterone Is A "Prescription Only" Banned Performance Enhancer

It Provides A Dramatic Unfair Advantage

This is very known, in the world of sports testosterone is the most used banned performance enhancer.

Even if you legally get it from a doctor, you cannot use it during tested athletics.

Why? It provides a significant UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.

Become A Super Version Of Yourself

On Testosterone, You Can Train Harder For Longer And Recover Faster. You Fat Stores Melt Away As Your Muscles And Strength Builds
Here is the crazy part - After decades testosterone is STILL the number one abused performance enhancer.

Think about it, if highly paid athletes are going to cheat, they are going to use the BEST thing to boost performance (cost being no issue).

... And with this in mind they choose testosterone because it is BRUTALLY EFFECTIVE.
Finally, here is the best part. 

What amounts to an unfair advantage in sports could dynamically improve your life.

Imagine If You Could Capture All Of The Benefits Above Safely And Legally Even After 40, 50 And 60 Years Old?

That would be HUGE, right?

Well, testosterone is READY and WAITING to give you an UNFAIR advantage in your private life.

... And you won't have to pay with your life. 

Remember, TRT is Dangerous

Prescription Grade Synthetic Testosterone Will Kill Your Aging Heart...

And Cost You A Fortune

In fact, many older men cannot even use synthetic testosterone due to the heart risks.

Frankly, if you have any heart issues as all, you won't be a testosterone candidate, regardless of how much you are willing to pay.

Why?  Prescription testosterone comes with a ton of side effects, many directly affecting the heart.

Here are a few you need to know about.

  • Increased Risk of High Blood Pressure
  • ​Increased Risk of High Cholesterol
  • ​Increased Risk of Heart Attack
  • ​Increased Risk of Stroke 
  • Increased Anxiety/Mood Changes
  • Increased Breast Tissue
  • ​Male Pattern Baldness
  • ​Daily Headaches

These are scary side effects.

TRT may build your male performance, at the sacrifice of your life. 

Plus, the cost is outrageous.

Major Issue #1 

The Average TRT Therapy Costs Over $1,000 A Month Including The Synthetic Shots And Doctors Visits Making It Inaccessible For Most American Men

This is way out of most budgets. 

... And now you know why every man is not on testosterone.

The benefits are SIGNIFICANT, but so are the RISKSSIDE EFFECTS and COSTS.

But, here is the sad part. 

Major Issue #2

Testosterone May Give Us The Promise Of A New Life In Our Prime (At Any Age) But The Deadly Side Effects Take All Of That Away

However, all of those issues go away today.

The research on this page changes everything. 

As a scientist I have cracked the code on safe testosterone use, regardless of your medical history. 

I have found a safe and effective way to use testosterone WITHOUT RISKS OR SIDE EFFECTS.

Today, I am revealing everything on this page. 

OTC Testosterone Is Here

Get All Of The Benefit Of Testosterone, With NONE Of The Down Side.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but what I am revealing today is VERY real and VERY powerful.

... And, as a man, I personally use this secret daily. 

I Developed A Safe & Legal Way To Use Testosterone Daily, No Shots

For 1/10 Of The Normal Cost

Again, my name is Clint Winters and I am a medical scientist by trade.  

I invent new and innovative nutraceutical ingredients. 

As you know I work on very specific "body function" related inventions.

... And today I am targeting testosterone.

This invention is VERY personal to me as a man. 

 I Researched And Developed A New And Powerful Form Of Testosterone That Can Be Used Without A Prescription And Without Side Effects

... And I Made A Dramatic Health Transformation

I went from overweight, unhappy and unmotivated to lean, strong and excited to wake up daily.

That is the POWER of testosterone.

I use it daily and I will NEVER stop using it.

As a 41 year old man, I feel 25 and perform at the same level.

I still run circles around younger athletes at my gym.

I am still setting strength PR's
Plus, I Am Able To Bypass ALL Of The Side Effects And Legal Requirements Associated With Testosterone

And Pay Just 1/10th The Normal Cost

How? I am using the newest form of testosterone on the planet.

A form that does NOT need a doctor, prescription or a needle.

Best of all, it instantly builds my free testosterone to barely legal levels allowing peak performance at any age.

Plus, my advances are not stopping.

I will go into that more below

I believe I will perform this way into my 50's, 60s or even 70s.

So will thousands of other men who are already testing this breakthrough (more on that below).

... And that is why I am so excited to reveal everything just below. 

Imagine Daily Life With "20 Year Old" Peak Testoseterone Levels

Even If You Are Over 50 Years Old

I am not going to beat around the bush here, what I am revealing is life changing for most aging males.

Heck, it was life changing for me.
Imagine Raising Your Testosterone To "Prime Of Life" Levels. For Many Men It Is Like Turning Back The Hands Of Time
Frankly, it means a new life.

It means waking up full of vigor and energy just like when you were younger.
It means seeing a new physique in the mirror as fat fades away and muscle fills in.

It means performing better in the health club and golf course better than you have in years as your physical prowess comes back.

... And all of these improvements will lead to the best sex you have had in years.

Overall, the benefits are not in question.
The power of testosterone in UNDISPUTED.

Which brings me to the GREAT NEWS

I am ready to reveal a MAJOR DISCOVERY in the world of testosterone.

A discovery that will change your male health forever. 

Now, I am NOT revealing another "store bought" testosterone booster

I Am Revealing A NEW Form Of Testosterone That The World Has NEVER Seen

A form FREE of side effects or risks.

A form that you can access, today, without a doctor or prescription.

Without a second more delay...

International Doctors Discover Plant-Based "Human Grade" Testosterone

No Prescription Required

To be clear, they did not find a testosterone booster, like you would find in a store.

They actually identified human grade testosterone, originating from a plant.

This is historic, this has lead to the only safe and natural way to DIRECTLY increase free testosterone stores

Let me jump into the discovery. 

In 2017 a Top Medical Team out Mahidol University, Listed by US News as one of the top schools in the world started investigating the "male testosterone" properties of plants.

This team included researchers from Biomolecular sciences, Pharmacology, the Institute of Scientific and Technological Research, and more.
Overall, these teams make up years of medical and research experience.

They had a simple hypothesis...

Since some plants have such a "sex-related" role in pollination, do they contain actual sexual compounds, like testosterone?

... And, if they do, are they human-compatible? 
However, their discovery of naturally occurring androgens could be considered CONTROVERSIAL due to synthetic substances like testosterone being illegal. 

Here is what they found...

This Life-Changing Discovery Has Been Scientifically Classified As “Phyto Testosterone” 

100% Plant-Based Testosterone

Research confirmed, wild pine pollen contains human testosterone

This scientific journey first began when scientists identified that pine pollen (the sex compound or sperm of pine trees, found in the pine cone) contained hormones that were biologically identical to human testosterone.

During their research, they found that the presence of what they called a "Phyto androgen" - now known as Phyto-Testosterone.
Scientists Were Able To Confirm That Pine Pollen Contains Human Identical Testosterone, Epitestosterone, And Androstenedione)
DHEA was also identified.

And in their lab testing, they projected it had nearly identical properties to "human grade" testosterone.
By Identifying Plant Based Testosterone, They Identified A Safe And Natural Way To Boost Testosterone Levels In Men Of Any Age
... and here is the cool part.

Pine pollen did not just "contain" testosterone, it was a very potent testosterone source.

Potent enough to boot male levels significantly in the matter of days. 

Here are the specifics.
After Further Research, Scientists Found That Just A Single Gram Of Pine Pollen Contains 80 Nanograms Of Pure Testosterone
For perscpective, that is enough to normalize the lowest levels within a week of use. 

Let's look at it this way...

Your prime of life testosterone levels sit around 700 to 800 nanograms of Free Testosterone.

The average 50 year old has a reading of roughly 500 nanograms.
... And a male is considred "low testosterone" at 300 nanograms.

Adding 80 nanograms a day can make a considerable impact in a short amount of time.

Even a male suffering with low testosterone can get back to over 500 in 3 days and "Prime of Life" level in 7 days.
YES! Even Men That Are 50, 60 Or 70 Years Old Can Reach "Prime" Levels Of 700, 800 Or Even 900 Nanograms Of Free Testosterone

... And They Can Stay There Year After Year

Additionally, It has been indicated by additional research that this plant-based testosterone will enter your system and support your body’s natural "FREE Testosterone" levels without becoming bound. 
Men, Free testosterone is what we need as men. 

Free testosterone is a form of testosterone that will not be bound by other parts of your body, allowing it to be fully available for your personal enhancement.

Coincidently, this is the type that powers your body composition, daily energy, and sexual function to name a few.

It is also the type that drastically declines with age as your body begins to use your testosterone elsewhere. 
To Be Clear Phyto Testosterone Is Real "Human Grade" Testosterone From A Plant Source, NOT The Synthetic Testosterone You Get In A Shot. 

Safe and Free Of Side Effects

Plant-based testosterone is 100% naturally occurring and free of side effects.

It is not synthetic. 

You don't even need a prescription to use it daily. 

But, imagine the possibilities...

For aging men, this is life changing.  

Imagine Regaining The Testosterone Level Of A 20 Year Old Without A Single Side Effect

Or Expensive Doctor's Visit

This is no longer a fairy tale, plant based testosterone is real. 

... And 80 nanograms daily is very potent.

This is not a knock-off testosterone "booster" solution, this is actual testosterone from a plant source. 

This is using real, natural phyto testosterone to help boost your declining levels (minus the side effects) 
As you now see, plant-based testosterone is the perfect potential solution for optimizing your declining free testosterone stores (even if you are over 50 years old). 

Plus, this is a way to stay optimized for life.
Research says, when you support your “free” unbound testosterone levels you will see some dramatic benefits.
Higher testosterone levels have been shown to play a role in important functions like...
  • Sexual Function
  • Muscle Tone and Strength
  • Metabolism and Fat Loss
  • ​Mood and Energy
Imagine every day, these functions getting better and better as your numbers get healthier and higher.

A brand NEW sense of confidence coursing through your veins.
Regardless of your age or current "count", you may be able to promote your testosterone levels in just days using this natural, innovative substance. 

Imagine what supported levels could do for you.
  • Within days you could be feeling better than ever with increased energy and focus
  • You could being feeling like a new man with a new sense of purpose and vigor
  • Your levels could be so optimized you regain your confidence in the bedroom
That means you could reach "your natural peak" safely and quickly.
Yes, it COULD BE possible for you to have healthy testosterone levels every single day, for the rest of your life.

And finally, there has not been a single side effect noted in regards to phyto testosterone research to date.
Men, Imagine Getting The Benefits Of Synthetic Testosterone Shots Without Enduring The Side Effects, Cost Or Painful Needles. 
Let me quickly sum all of this up for you... 

Plant-based testosterone has been clinically validated and is currently legal in all 50 states (no prescription).  

The documented results are incredible if you are an aging male. 

In my humble opinion, this is the most UNIQUE and most EXCITING testosterone support discovery in the last decade.

Plus, it is backed by real-world testing which I will review below. 

With higher testosterone levels, YOU will feel YOUNGER, HEALTHIER, STRONGER, and more POWERFUL than ever. 

In fact, there is another important benefit. 

Men, Enhanced Testosterone Allows You To Reclaim The Best “Bedroom Performance” Of Your Life

Warning: Must Be 18 to Read This Section

Yes, this is a touchy subject, but we need to discuss.

Free testosterone is tied DIRECTLY to your intimate function, this is why it is called a "sex hormone".

As your free testosterone rises, so does your male performance, regardless of age. 

So, I can't forget to mention the powerful sexual benefits.

As men, we can NOT neglect the role of testosterone in our sexual function. 

In Fact, Safely Boosting Your Free Testosterone Will Be Your Key To Satisfying Your Partner At Any Age

In fact, higher testosterone levels will lead to increased sexual excitement and performance.
Think back to sex when you were in your 20's, when your testosterone was at its highest.

Imagine feeling and performing like that now...
Your desire will go through the roof and your partner will NOT know what hit them.
This is a direct path to the best sex of your life.

Not to mention the potential for a FAR improved intimate relationship.
Plus, every facet of your sexual function will improve with higher free testosterone:
  • Enhanced Blood Flow Will Fill out Your Penis Allowing it to Appear Larger.
  • Boosted Sexual Stamina Will Allow You to Last Longer.
  • Boosted Semen Volumes Will Aid Your Ejaculation.
  • ​Enhanced Sexual Desire Will Let You to Desire Sex More Often.
Simply put..

will be your key to dominating the bedroom like you have not been able to in years.
Imagine walking in the door with the newfound confidence of a man who can perform at his peak…

All of this can be achieved legally, without side effects. 

Sounds great, right?

However, There Is a Big Issue...

Men, Enhanced Testosterone Allows You To Reclaim The Best “Bedroom Performance” Of Your Life

Erasing Any Possible Benefit

Remember, above, I mentioned a major issue.

Well, here we go...

Essentially, if you consume as a raw powder, the fragile testosterone hormones will break down in your gut, never making it to your free testosterone.

Essentially, powdered testosterone is 100% useless.

YES! I know, this was CLEARLY a huge issue.

Frankly, this is why synthetic testosterone is EXCLUSIVELY given with a needle, it injects right into the muscle fibers and eventually flows into the blood.

Here Is The Biggest Issue...

Testosterone "Instability" Is Also Why You Can't Buy "Testosterone Pills", This Powerful Hormone Is Destroyed By Your Digestive System
However, painful injections are NOT the only path to your blood stream

Active ingredients can also directly enter via the tissues below your tongue, this is known as "sublingual" delivery. 

Luckily, this is where my scientific expertise comes into play.

During my career I have invented some of the most powerful sublingual active ingredients on earth.

I did this by turning raw powders into highly concentrated, active ingredient rich, liquids. 

With this info I had a very clear directive.

My Focus Became Creating A Plant Based, Daily Use Sublingual Testosterone Liquid 

100% Drug Free, No Prescription Needed

I want to walk you thru my thought process.

First, is concentrated phyto-testosterone pure enough to inject? 

YES! it could certainly be injected if you had access to a pure liquid extraction.

However, the "injectable" substance would need additives AND it would need to be administered by a doctor.

This Means You Would Be BACK To Prescriptions And Doctors Visits.
Essentially, this would put us back to square one.

So, My Focus Once Again Shifted To Sublingual Delivery That Could Provide Powerful, Daily Testosterone Benefit Without Doctors, Prescriptions Or Side Effects.

I went to work analyzing full spectrum pine pollen extraction.
My Scientific Goal Was To Create A Highly Absorbable Liquid Extraction That Was Very Rich In Plant Based Testosterone.

Once extracted I would create a delivery method that would allow it to absorb quickly, with a high rate of absorption.

After six months in the lab I created a natural testosterone breakthrough.

This invention is now named PhytoTest™. 

Patent Pending PhytoTest™ Is The World's First Plant Based Sublingual Testosterone

No Needles Required...

A compound as powerful as testosterone can only provide benefit if it can be absorbed by the body, directly into the blood stream. 

If not, the body barely receives any benefit at all and you will NEVER get the desired benefits. 
... And that is why the science behind sublingual PhytoTest™ is so powerful. 
Point Blank, Patent-Pending PhytoTest™ Is The Only Sublingual Testosterone In The World, 100% OTC 
But, I want to do more than say this, here is the science. 

Here Is The Incredible Science of PhytoTest™

Firstly, PhytoTest™ has been developed as a heavily concentrated plant based liquid testosterone that is meant to be supplemented daily.

Plus, it has been maximized for dramatically increased bioavailability, allowing it to build free testosterone stores faster. 

Here is why it is so powerful...

PhytoTest™ features third-party potency verified pine pollen that is processed through a proprietary natural extraction process named Dual Polar™ Extraction.

This process creates a full spectrum extraction of pure pine pollen, concentrating and isolating all of the naturally extracted testosterone. 

The Powerful Dual Polar Extraction Process

Turns Raw Pine Pollen Powder Is Turned Into A Highly Concentrated, Liquid Testosterone, Ready To Absorb Without Needles
However, that is just the beginning.

This liquid is then enhanced with our SubNano bioavailability optimizer, this means it absorbs into your bloodsteam faster.  

The proprietary process takes the finished extracted liquid testosterone and combines it with specific oils and nutrients designed to supercharge the body's ability to absorb.

It does this by enhancing the way your cells absorb PhytoTest™. 
In A Nutshell, PhytoTest™ Is Highly Concentrated Oral Testosterone That Absorbs Into Your Blood Stream Quickly.

Raise Your Free Testosterone Levels In The Matter Of Minutes  

PhytoTest™ is the FUTURE of drug free testosterone support. 

... And I personally will never miss a day

Finally, You Can Embrace The Powerful Effects of Testosterone, Legally, With ZERO Side Effects...

I will say it again, there is no denying that using testosterone has powerful benefits.

Heck, it's why you can't use it in sports, it provides a truly unfair advantage.

However (until today) these huge benefits came with a drawback.  Synthetic testosterone is expensive, prescription only and comes with TONS of side effects. 

So, here is the key to this entire page.
This discovery gives you a chance to supercharge your body with natural testosterone without risk.

You can use this highly effective option without a prescription or fear of side effects.

The discovery has been made.

The Scientific Research Is Clear

This Is A Natural Way To Add Up To 80 Nano Grams Of Pure Testosterone Daily, Reversing The Worst Cases Of Low Testosterone In Days.
Each and every day, you will be adding more to your aging free testosterone supercharging how you feel as a man.

Incredible, right?

That is why this page is so VERY personal to us. 

As an aging man, I have been where you are RIGHT NOW.

I have been short on energy and motivation. 

Now, I wake up daily, feeling great!
I understand what it feels like to watch muscle tone go away as the years go by.

Now, I am bigger and stronger than ever. 
I understand declining into poor self-confidence and depression due to how I felt as a man.
Now I am happier and more confident than ever. 

For me, natural testosterone has been my daily secret weapon.

A real way to FIGHT BACK against declining testosterone. 

Using Phyto Test Has Forever Changed My Life

I'm Aging "In Reverse"

Now, if you know me, you know that I have quite the transformation story.

You may know this side by side well, I discuss it a lot

Yes, I used my scientific savvy to drop 100 pounds.

Again, this story is well documented

However, Here is what you don’t know...

My Unhealthy Life Style RUINED My Natural Testosterone Production At A Very Young Age.

Yes! I was diagnosed low testosterone in my early 20’s. 

… And this made the transformation all the more harder.

As you now know, healthy testosterone levels make muscle building and fat loss way easier.

This issue put me at a HUGE disadvantage.

… Not to mention, mentally, Low T makes you feel like less of a man.
I Spent The Next Years Of My Life Working TIRELESSLY To Naturally Optimize My Testosterone And Keep The Weight Off. 

I'm Talking I Tried...

  • Supplements
  • Diets
  • Low T Workout Plans
  • ​Lowering Cortisol Methods
  • ​Lowering Stress
  • ​Meditation
Literally ANYTHING that had any connection to low testosterone, I tried, for years.

Frankly, I lost the weight and made progress - but I still didn’t look and feel how I REALLY wanted to feel.

… And then my doctor destroyed me with one sentence. 

I’ll never forget, he said point blank.
“Clint, The Damage is Done, Unless You go on TRT You Will Never Have The Physique You Want”
Well, challenge accepted.

I wasn't going to risk my health and future with TRT. 

… And this is why Phyto Test is so personal to me.

From the minute I found the research surrounding plant based testosterone, I was enthralled.

Yes was NOT ONLY as solution that was needed by millions of men, but it was NEEDED by me, daily.

… And once I started, I have never looked back.

As you know by my photos, I proved my doctor wrong - WAY WRONG.

In fact...

Here Is A 10 Year Comparison...




I am getting leaner, bigger and stronger by the year. 

Best of all, my entire body (even my skin) is physically getting healthier as I age.

At 41, I walk around with PEAK testosterone levels.

… And I have no signs of decline.

Phyto Test Has Fully Restored My Male Confidence In Every Way

I Have Never Felt Better

I best way to describe my daily feeling is, I’M BACK

Frankly, my confidence is through the roof.

I haven’t felt this good physically or mentally in decades.

I wake up daily with HIGH ENERGY and CONFIDENCE.

I know I am still strong.

I know I can still compete

... And I know I can still perform
At 41, I Look And Feel GREAT And Phyto Test Will Keep Me At My Peak For Years To Come...

I Never Go A Day Without

Oh... I almost forgot… my sex life. 

Well, let’s just say all of THOSE attributes came rushing back as well.

However, here is the best part.

These are not "one-off" results. 

As you read this Phyto Test IS and HAS actively helped thousands of men battling declining testosterone levels.

In fact, here are some use stats from other men, just like you. 

Since 2018, PhytoTest™ Has Been Clinically Tested With Over 10,000 Aging Men

PhytoTest™ testing has gone WAY beyond me.

... And the results are not isolated in the lab.

Once the PhytoTest™ formula was finalized we moved to private testing.

We wanted to see how PhytoTest™ benefited aging males with dwindling testosterone levels. 

Since 2018 My Lab Has Private Tested PhytoTest™ With Over 15,000 Men And The Results Have Been Explosive

We have received feedback from thousands of men who have experienced life changing results with PhytoTest™. 

Want to know what they said?

Below I have included some videos of their use stories as well as written results. 

You can find even more at the very bottom of this page. 

These are JUST a few of the thousands. 

Disclaimer: We Used Stock Images With Real Stories For Reasons Of Privacy

I started using Phyto around a month or so ago. What a complete difference maker not only have I been able to lift more but it's also helpful in my bicycle riding. Also, helping inmy bedroom effectively so happy I started using Phyto what a change. I will be ordering months supply for sure. Thank you for your support
Joseph Alan Fox
I started on the program about 30 days back. I hve noticed an energy & Libo improvement within the first week. I am just about out of the product and will re-order shortly. I do like this product & normally it takes several weeks for me to be impressed or happy with a new product but this one hit me early as something I wanted. to continue and see how much more improvement I can achieve.
Allen Rodgers
Hi Friends! Just a quick no nonsense endorsement of the Phyto supplement. I have been taking it sublingually for nearly 3 weeks and the results are beyond my expectations. I am a 65 year old male, who has been an exercise enthusiast for nearly 15 years. But due to my age limit I have had lots of trouble with aging muscles and appearance of workout efforts. Surprisingly, my workouts are now showing a renewed vigor in muscle definition along with increased stamina. What a welcomed benefit from a supplement that I was very skeptical of taking just 3 weeks ago. I strongly recommend it!
Carl D Higgins

For The Past 12 Months It Was Sold & Tested In High End TRT Clinics

With Simply Incredible Results

Now, here is something very few know.

As you probably know, any “testosterone” related discovery creates a stir in the male optimization industry.

Let’s face it, TRT clinics are popping up in major cities, catering to the wealthy.

As discussed above, testosterone works!

… It truly does turn normal men into youthful beasts in a variety of ways.

So, natural testosterone peaked a ton of interest.
Personally, I took this time to further testing.

I worked with some of the biggest clinics in the world to test the effects of daily Phyto Test along with weekly synthetic injections.

… And the results were incredible.

Even For Men On Synthetic Testosterone

Daily Phyto Test Significantly Enhanced Free Testosterone Blood Levels Without Additional Side Effects
It was really and truly like a supercharger for men.

Pretty cool, right?

Well, this is the point where I knew we had enough data.

Phyto Test is simply life changing for men.

… And after 6 years of development it is finally being released to the world.  

Warning: Please Read Before Continuing

Phyto Test Is Banned In Tested Sports

What You Are About To Read About Is Not A Testosterone Booster, It is Purely Extracted Testosterone. It's Make Up Is Exactly Like Prescription Testosterone, But From A Natural Source. If You Are A Tested Athlete, Proceed With Caution. Although 100% Safe & Legal, This Natural Substance Could Provide An Unfair Advantage And Create A Postive PED Test 

(More on this below)

World Exclusive

GDR Labs™ Private Lab Is Exclusively Producing PhytoTest™+ Worldwide.

Fully Available Over The Counter

GameDay Ready™ (GDR Labs™) is the EXCLUSIVE global manufacturer for PhytoTest™. 

They are releasing it as PhytoTest™+.

I only trust my patented formulas with one company in the world, GDR Labs™.
Why? The GDR Labs™ Reputation for quality American manufacturing Is Second To None.

They are leaders in human optimization working with some of the largest sports brands and athletes in history. 

They are known to meet and exceed the most rigorous testing guidelines set forth by professional athletes.
When an athlete is being paid millions they cannot afford to ingest a "dirty" supplement.

... And thousands of athletes trust GDR Labs™ due to their unapologetic quality. 

Plus, after two years of research into the most reliable manufacturer in the world, GDR Labs™ stands head and shoulders above the world.

They are trusted and respected by the world elite and that was EXACTLY what I was searching for. 

They do not offer a huge line of products because they ONLY manufacture formulas that have tedious testing and clinical research.

Point blank, they ONLY produce products that will make an impact on your daily life.
... And that is why I am so excited about PhytoTest™+. 

When it comes to natural testosterone support, nothing is stronger than PhytoTest™+

From years of internal testing to global distribution, PhytoTest™+ will be a game changer. 

... And it ONLY comes from the GDR private laboratory, located right in Atlanta, GA. 

You will never find "knock off" PhytoTest™+ on any third party website or a marketplace like Amazon.
...And it can't be found in retail stores without the GDR Labs™ logo. 

PhytoTest™+ can only be produced by GDR Labs™, they are the sole source. 

PhytoTest™+ is natural testosterone support unlike anything that has ever been offered publicly.

... And every bottle is made with quality that is truly second to none.

In fact...

PhytoTest™+ Is 100% American Made Right In The GDR Labs™ Atlanta, GA Laboratory

I reviewed manufacturers for nearly two years before I decided on GDR Labs™. 

Their commitment to 100% American operations put me over the top. 

A to Z, every aspect of operations is handled in Atlanta, GA or Nashville, TN. 

Their manufacturing operations are second to none. 

You have never experienced such supplement freshness.

In fact, their production process is exclusive to the world.

Allow me to Introduce PureDemand manufacturing, a process that is exclusive to GDR Labs™. 
Before I begin, I need to admit - this section is very important to me.

GDR Labs™ is deeply committed to America and the value of 100% American manufacturing.

I have personally seen far too many companies "cost cut" by contracting overseas manufacturers while side stepping regulation and American jobs.

... And the quality suffers.
When it comes to GDR Labs™ they do things differently. 

In fact, they deploy a unique manufacturing process named PureDemand™  which is a cutting edge supplement development process.  

If there is any manufacturing “SECRET” behind PhytoTest™+, the sustained quality would be it.

GDR Labs™ only believes in creating formulas in the most natural and pure state possible

... And here is how they achieve that. 
  • Every Bottle Is 100% American Made From Sourcing to Shipping
  • ​Your Order Is Made For You, When You Order (Like Fresh Food)
  • ​No Preservatives Used
  • ​No Outsourced Labor
All products are made in real time, like fresh food. 

All of our formulas are crafted by hand in their GMP-audited laboratory which is held to the highest production standards in the world. 

The PureDemand™ manufacturing process ensures you receive the highest quality PhytoTest™+ possible much like it was made by a private chef.

This type of freshness is NOT available from any other company in the world. 

These cutting-edge production practices are why GDR Labs™ is a world leader in the natural health industry.

No other company in the world can FULLY guarantee this type of freshness and quality year round. 

However, there is also another very IMPORTANT innovation you will enjoy...

Ease of use!

PhytoTest™+ Is Can Be Used In Less Than 60 Seconds Per Day

No Needles and No Doctors Visits

  •  Only Takes Seconds to Use Daily
  •  ​Absorbs Under The Tongue
  • ​ Enhanced Bioavailability for Faster Results 
  •  Great Strawberry Flavor

Testosterone Benefits In Minutes (No Needles)

PhytoTest™+ is so simple to supplement daily. The great tasting formula is absorbed under the tongue in just seconds every morning. Within 15 minutes your free testosterone will begin to rise.
Here is one of the best parts, PhytoTest™+ is VERY easy to use daily.

In fact, it will take you less than a minute every morning.

PhytoTest™+ is a liquid formula that has been designed to consume only once daily.
Once taken the liquid formula will absorb quickly so it can get to work helping you feel better than ever. 

The process is simple, all you do is take the dosage listed on the label. 

PhytoTest™+ is an easy to consume liquid. 

You place it directly under your tongue and then simply swallow after letting it sit for a few seconds.
After you take PhytoTest™+  you will notice that in as little as 15 minutes you will feel the difference as your free testosterone levels begin to rise. 

Based on testing results as each day goes by you will feel more and more energized as your levels become more and more optimized

After one serving you will understand why tens of thousands start their day with PhytoTest™+. 

In fact, take a moment and imagine this...

PhytoTest™+ Empowers You To Wake Up With "Barely Legal" Testosterone Levels

Even If You Are 50, 60 or 70 Years Old

Just imagine this for a moment:

Instead of waking up feeling tired, you SPRING out of bed ready for the day.

Your energy is supercharged INSTANTLY, you are immediately ready to take on the day.

Your morning routine flies by as you knock out your rituals without any "sluggishness".

You are focused and driven like you were when you were in your thirties and forties. 
If you work, you have the confidence that you will dominate the day and run circles around those you work with regardless of their age. 

If you are retired, you KNOW you will be the sharpest one in your friend group.

... Always ready for new and exciting experiences. 

Whether it is golf, tennis or a game of cards, you're able to always perform at your best. 
Your Brain is firing!

Your muscles feel strong and visible again.

Belly fat begins to melt away.

Your sex life comes rushing back. 

Out of nowhere your body is functioning like you are years younger.

PhytoTest™+ Will Become Your Unfair Advantage In Life

Optimize Your Testosterone, Enabling You To Be Bigger And Stronger With Heightened Energy, Thought Processing And Endurance. 
It feels like you are back in your male prime as your strength increases and your body fat diminishes.

In fact, TODAY could be your new prime. 

Now, I'm sure all of this sounds TOO GOOD to be true, right.

NO WAY this is possible.

Well, that is where you are wrong.

It is VERY possible and happening to others as you read this. 

That is why it is considered an "unfair advantage".

This is why synthetic testosterone can ONLY be used with a prescription, it is that powerful. 

The science has been sitting there for years, testosterone is life changing.  

... And plant based testosterone is the future. 

As a man, this could be your NEW CHAPTER in life.

Other men, just like you, are getting back to their prime.

... And after years of development you are gaining access to this powerful substance. 

PhytoTest™+ Is Set For A Global Retail Release in Late 2023

It Will Be Sold In Retail Locations All Over The World

The global release is coming.

PhytoTest™+ is only months away from being sold all over the world. 

With all of the clinical research building there is HUGE consumer anticipation.
Let's Face It, The Power Of Natural Testosterone Is Very Well Known For Being Life Changing
It is finally time to make PhytoTest™+ public. 

Soon, it will be available all over the world. 
As you can see, I really took time for development.

I gathered incredible scientific data spanning decades.

I private use tested for nearly five years gathering thousands of use cases without a single side effect.

... And then I assured it was ONLY being produced by the most decorated private lab in the United States. 
It Is Official: The First And Only OTC Testosterone Solution In The World Is Ready To Go To Market 

Now Available Without A Prescription

PhytoTest™+ is ready to go to market in a big way. 

Right now global distribution is being organized with a target date of second or third quarter 2023.

Once launched, it will be sold on store shelves all over the world for only $120 a bottle.

This is a very fair price considering the EXTENSIVE science behind PhytoTest™+ and the exclusive nature of the product.

Heck, this is WAY less expensive than many "Natural" boosters which do not have near the clinical support of PhytoTest™+. 

... Or years of private clinical testing

Just look at some of these prices I found after a quick search. 

Crazy, right?

Again, these are just boosters...

Remember, PhytoTest™+ is the only natural product in the world that is actual testosterone - NOT an unproven "booster".

When you use PhytoTest™+ you are directly adding to your free stores daily just like TRT.

... On that note here is the best part

PhytoTest™+ Is Only 1/10 The Cost Of "In Clinic" TRT Treatments

... And All Associated Doctors Visits

As we have established, In Clinic TRT therapy is still the GOLD STANDARD in the world of male physical enhancement.

... And it is POWERFUL.

But, it is INCREDIBLY expensive which is why it is normally reserved for the rich and elite.

However, let me go over just HOW expensive.

Firstly, synthetic testosterone (TRT) is prescription only so you will need to find a hormone clinic, then the costs start to build.

... And they keep building each month. 

Here is what I found...

  • The initial consult normally costs roughly $500
  • Monthly supply of synthetic Testosterone costs between $900 and $3,000 depending on how much you need.
  • Monthly Doctor monitoring with is $300 to $500

The national average is roughly $1,500 per month with all costs included 

... And in some areas of the country this is much higher (Like LA or New York).

$1500 is a high end car or mortgage payment EVERY SINGLE MONTH, on average. 

However, some celebrities have spent as much as $30,000 a month on "designer" variations of testosterone.

This is why "hormone therapy" doctors are striking it rich all over the United States. 

Crazy, right?
When you consider these stats  $120 per 30 day bottle is an INCREDIBLE value.

Remember, PhytoTest™+ is the SAME testosterone as TRT, just derived from a natural source.

... And it can be taken orally.

No side effect, No stomach shots and No expensive doctors visits. 

Even with all of that... 

At $120 Per Bottle I Know Many Cannot Afford PhytoTest™+

So I Negotiated A Huge Discount For My Readers

... A discount that can only be found on this page.

Now, to be clear, I am the inventor and patent holder of PhytoTest™+.

As you will read I am incentivized by seeing the widespread use of this amazing formula over the years to come. 

I Want To See It Help Millions Of Other Men, Like It Has Helped Me Personally And Our Test Users. 

I am personally paid for my patent when a new bottle PhytoTest™+ is produced.  

With that said, the price point you pay TODAY has no bearing on me, only the number of bottles sold globally.  

So, on this page, I want to make it as affordable as possible so it spreads like wild fire.  

... And, I know this. 

Many American men (who need testosterone support) cannot afford $120 or more per bottle regardless of the value. 

However, the GDR Labs™ price is not changing. 

Let's face it, retail distribution is expensive and GDR Labs™ is a global brand. 

As you probably see online they have huge partnerships with some of the biggest athletes and athletic organizations in the world.
All of this costs millions in marketing fees, driving up the retail price per unit. 

Not to mention that a large percentage is desired by the end retailer in stores all over the world. 

... All of those marketing and distribution fees are passed along to the consumer. 

Now, let me be clear - PhytoTest™+ is worth every bit of the $120 price point (maybe even 2X). 

However, on this private page, you won't pay $120. 

...  As my reader, you are bypassing all of the EXTRA fees.

I Have Negotiated "Direct From The Manufacture" Pricing For My Readers ONLY (On This Private Page). 

Each bottle shipped right from the lab, to you like you, bypassing any retailer.  

YES! You are about to gain access to PhytoTest™+ before the rest of the world at an unheard of discount.

... Cool, right?

All you have to do is keep reading. 

On This Page Only

I Am Personally Inviting You To Try PhytoTest™+ For "Factory Direct" Pricing, Just $29 Per Bottle

Huge Discount Activated Below

How would you like to gain access to PhytoTest™+ and save a tremendous amount of money? 

What if I gave you the same huge discount given to global distributors that are buying thousands of bottles at a time?
Remember, PhytoTest™+ Is Not Available Anywhere In The World.
... So you will also be one of the first to try this amazing formula outside of private testing. 
Right now, this powerful ingredient is a ghost.

You can’t find it because it does not exist on the market in any retail capacity. 

… And that is why you are getting such a rare opportunity.

Right now you can try PhytoTest™+ before the world knows it even exists. 

Heck, you will be one of the first to try natural plant-based testosterone outside of private tests

Exciting, right?

For 24 Hours I Am Activating "Factory Direct" Pricing So You Can Try PhytoTest™+ For Just $29

On This Page You Instantly Save $91

Allow me tackle the first question. 

Why the 60 minute time? Because of the Incredible Demand.
There Are Over 300,000 Reading This Page Right Now And This Product Already Has Huge Demand
The word of natural testosterone is spreading like wild fire inside of the GDR Labs™ customer circles.

They have heard the rumors 

... And I was only able to gain access to a limited number of highly discounted bottles. 

Sadly, this page refreshes every 60 minutes to ensure inventory is available. 

So, let’s jump right in.

  • Cost Of Synthetic Testosterone: $1,200+
  • Global MSRP of PhytoTest™+ : $120
  • Suggested Internet Pricing: $97

Your Factory Direct Price: $29

    This is a full 30 day bottle for only $29.

    You save $91 off MSRP while stock remains (on this page only).

    This is HUGE savings, this is the same price that global distributors pay if they commit to buying thousands of bottles per month.

    In some cases, over 1 million bottles per year.

    ... And you are getting the SAME price for one bottle.  

    On top of all of that I have negotiated FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

    No strings attached, this is a one time purchase (no subscriptions)

    Plus, the redemption process is very simple.

    Takes less than five minutes...

    Once Finished, You Will Have Locked In One Of The First Bottles Of PhytoTest™+ Offered Anywhere In The World For Factory Direct Pricing. 

    You are really and truly part of natural health history.

    Plus, I can say this with ease...

    For $29 you will not find a more potent plant-based testosterone product in the world.

    PhytoTest™+ is hands down the most exciting product released in a long time. 

    On This Page You Are Paying $.96 Per Day For The First Plant-Based Natural Testosterone In The World

    Let that sink in.

    $.96 per day is less than a cup of coffee. WAY LESS
    In fact, it is less than many things you spend money on daily.

    … And none of those have the huge potential of powerful male support like PhytoTest™+. 

    For less than $1 per day you could feel 10 years younger in just 30 days. 

    You finally have a way to fight testosterone decline, getting back into your prime. 
    Let’s be real - this would enable you to get back to enjoying life.

    Your best years may STILL be ahead.

    ... And there are ways to INCREASE your savings.

    You Can Save As Much As $546 On PhytoTest™+ (While In Stock)

    … And I will still have it shipped FREE directly from GDR Labs™.  

    Here is how…

    Some of you reading this have followed my work for a long time.

    Or maybe you were part of the initial PhytoTest™ private testing. 

    With that known you can save EVEN more by purchasing additional bottles (at no risk). 

    In fact, GDR Labs will allow you to purchase up to 6 bottles at this promotional pricing. 

    As you know, you will pay $29 for one bottle (You Save $91)

    However, if you purchase 3 bottles you will save $273

    … And if you purchase 6 bottles you will save an astounding $546

    Save $91

    Buy 1 Bottle

    Retail Price: $120

    $29 ea

    You Save: $91

    Best value!
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    $174 ea

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    Retail Price: $360

    $87 ea

    You Save: $273

    Why would you buy that many? PhytoTest™+ is a daily use product, you do not want to run out. 

    Again, these are the same bottles you would buy from a high end retailer at $120 each.

    Shipped directly from GDR Labs™ to your door for no charge. 

    No strings attached, this is a one-time purchase (no subscriptions)

    Plus, the redemption process is very simple, it takes less than 5 minutes. 

    No hoops to jump through. 
    At The Bottom Of This Page, You Will Find A Secure Order Form That Takes Only Minutes To Complete
    Once finished, you will have locked in one of the first bottles of PhytoTest™+ offered anywhere in the world.

    I can say this with ease.

    For $29 you will not find a more potent natural testosterone solution, it does not exist. 

    Frankly, nothing else begins to compare. 

    …. And I still have a huge surprise. 

    Upon Purchase Of PhytoTest™+, GDR Labs™ Will Give You a $50 Gift Card Towards Any Product, Store Wide

    YES! Even their global best sellers

    This is huge!
    As you now know, GDRLabs™ produces some of the most powerful and effective supplements in the world.

    Many private formulas developed solely for aging professional athletes who are looking to regain an edge without side effects. 

    Powerful Innovations Such As...

    • Conolidine CONOCB2™ Pain Relief
    • Nutra IGF1™ + Natural HGH
    • Phyto Test™ + Natural Testosterone
    • ​Sirtuin™ + "Youth Gene Activation"
    • Liponine™ + Blood Sugar Management
    • Carditrol™ + Heart Tissue Regrowth. 
    • Wearable FAR Infrared for Pain Relief
    • Clinically Proven Sexual Support
    • ​Patented Skin Creams for Fighting Age
    • ​Plus Much More In Development
    Each bottle is manufactured using the highest quality protocols in the world, 100% American made. 

    … Just imagine what any one of these products could do for your daily life.

    As soon as you complete your PhytoTest™+ purchase we will activate a $50 gift card in your name.

    Plus, this entire transaction is risk Free

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    If PhytoTest™+ Doesn’t Help You Regain Your Edge And Get Back To Your Prime, GDR Will Refund Every Penny

    And You Keep The $50 Gift Card

    Yes, this is 100% serious.

    GDR Labs™ fully backs PhytoTest™+ with a 100% money back guarantee.

    Many think this policy is CRAZY. 

    On the surface it seems like a really risky idea.
    Heck, I thought the CEO was going to get fired for approving.  

    However, GDR Labs™ knows the results of PhytoTest™+.

    They have seen the YEARS of testing. 

    ... And they know what it has done for me personally.

    With this program ALL risk is removed from your shoulders and placed on GDR Labs™.

    Why? Because I know and they know what it is going to do for you.
    It has personally changed my life (You saw the pictures above)

    ... And I have watched it change over 30,000 other lives to date. 
    After 90 Days: If PhytoTest™+ Does Not Bring You Considerable Benefit GDR Labs™ Will Buy Your Bottle Back, No Questions Asked

    ... And The $50 Gift Card Is Yours To Keep

    To Confirm, Your PhytoTest™+ order is BACKED with a 100% money back guarantee.

    Here is how it works...

    After purchase, you will get a full 90 days to use PhytoTest™+ and feel the life changing results. 

    You must use it as directed for the full 90 days, that is the only way to see results.

    When you do, it will be life changing, I can say that with TOTAL confidence. 

    However, if you don't feel the same, no worries.

    After 90 days you can return for ANY reason. 

    You are not risking a dime. 

    GDR Labs™ will buy your inventory back, you are out nothing.

    ... And here is the crazy part. 

    You can keep and use your $50 gift card towards ANY other award winning formula from their private lab.

    Some of which are only being used by elite professional athletes. 

    This is like putting $50 in your pocket.  

    Try are willing to risk this because they know that you are going to love PhytoTest™+. 

    ... Just like I know it. 

    You won't want to return it, heck, you will wish you ordered more.
    However, it was important for me to see all risk removed. 

    I believe in PhytoTest™+ with everything I have, I have personally seen what it has done for thousands of aging Americans.  

    ... And you have seen my results

    I don't want anything to come in between you and feeling decades younger.  

    With that in mind, I want to answer the next logical question.

    Why Am I Doing This?

    Very Simply, Our Goals Align Perfectly For A True Win-Win Scenario

    Your goal, you want to regain your edge and be at your prime, while paying a fair price. 

    My goal, I want to see PhytoTest™+ used by millions, changing lives. 

    In this scenario, a huge discount benefits both of us. 

    Remember, my goals are not the same as GDR Labs™, they actually align more with YOU.

    I am a scientist and inventor, I do not own stock in GDR Labs™. 
    I Am Personally And Financially Motivated By Seeing Your Life Change From Using PhytoTest™+
    My financial motivation is sheer volume as I am compensated for the use of my patent during production. 

    My personal and financial satisfaction comes from seeing millions use PhytoTest™+, not seeing how much I can charge per bottle. 

    I care about developing a game-changing "testosterone solution", not about boosting a stock price. 
    Now, let me be crystal clear... 

    I think the world of GDR Labs™, and that is why I trust them to exclusively produce my formulas. 

    That is why they get my full endorsement, they are the best in the world.

    However, GDR Labs™ is still a "for-profit" company with a lot of overhead and expensive marketing. 

    GDR Labs™ is a large and growing brand, top-notch in the field of American production and distribution.
    I love what they stand for but they are also in the business of selling huge volumes of products all around the world for top dollar. 

    ... And they do it with highly paid celebrity and athletic endorsements and distribution partnerships.

    All of that brings HUGE overhead, which means the retail cost has to be higher (no way around it).

    That is why you will find it on store shelves for $120 or more, all of those costs are factored into the final retail pricing that you pay at the counter. 

    Now, many will gladly pay $120 as it is worth every penny.

    But, for millions, it is cost prohibitive (especially during a down economy). 

    So they go without powerful testosterone support because they can't afford the price point. 

    That is why I got approval from GDR Labs™ to set up this page and activate this incredibly limited discount.

    I am able to sidestep ALL of those costs to give you a dramatic discount.  
    On This Page Only I Am Able To Give You "Factory Direct" Pricing, Saving You Over 76% On PhytoTest™+
    Priced at $29, PhytoTest™+ is accessible to every person reading this page. 

    I want everyone to experience what I have experienced and spread the word. 

    ... And making PhytoTest™+ more affordable will certainly help that. 

    To be clear, this is a no strings attached offer.

    There is no "hidden subscription" or weird "gotcha" at the end. 

    You get access to a highly discounted bottle of PhytoTest™+ (Full 30 Day Bottle)

    No other requirements past that. 

    Plus (as I said above) even after a huge discount, every dollar is guaranteed.

    You Only Have One Glaring Risk...

    By Leaving This Page You Risk Missing Out On Trying Natural Testosterone Formula

    • PhytoTest™ is considered the "holy grail" of testosterone formula.
    • PhytoTest™+ compares directly to synthetic testosterone, without the side effects. 
    • No needles or prescription needed.
    • ​You have watched and read the incredible private use stories from others just like you.
    • ​Try PhytoTest™+ before the global release.
    • ​You are accessing a HUGE $91 discount and 100% Money Back guarantee.
    • ​Plus, Get a $50 Gift Card Upon Ordering
     This is more than a risk free offer.
    If you aren’t happy you will receive every single penny back.

    ... And you keep your $50 Gift Card. 
    You make out like a bandit. 
    However, I know the truth of this situation.
    PhytoTest™+ IS going to work extremely well just like it has for me and thousands of others - I personally won't miss a day. 
    … And when it DOES work for you, you will feel yourself gaining back the edge you thought you had lost years back.
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